36"x36" Acrylic, gallery wrap

Not for sale

Description of Colorado Mountain Sunset

This painting inspired my return to art after 40 years of being dormant. I didn’t want to paint this, but my son asked for a painting to put over his entryway to his home for his birthday and anything less than 36″ x 36″ would have looked silly. I was afraid of failing and put off starting to work on it. After my wife pushed me to start on something “smaller” (Sunflower Sunset), I had made a beginning. That was a little over 16 months ago now. And that was nearly 35 paintings ago. He started me on my newest journey and I know I have a long way to go to shake the rust off, but I have never felt more alive than when I am creating. And that is what I love about my art. I can take an idea, a scene or a thought, add my vision and it gives birth to something I created. Colorado has so much color, especially in our sunsets, combined with the Continental Divide and you have something beautiful. This was in honor of my son, Jared’s, persistence and belief in his father. He knew what was dormant in me and brought it to life.